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Starters - Franklin Control Systems

Franklin Control Systems is a leader in the manufacturing of motor controls for HVAC, pump and industrial markets. Products include variable speed drives, building automation starters, soft starters, motor control components and related accessories. We strive for constant growth and improvement via lean organization practices, innovation, consistency, and excellent service.

The Most Intelligent and versatile Starters

The Most Intelligent Starter

EMS - Energy Management Starter

  • 1Ø, 120 ~ 230V, 1/10-25HP
  • 3Ø, 200 ~ 600V, 1/2-300HP
Power metering, optional BACnet or Modbus communications, and an intuitive interface allow the EMS to integrate seamlessly with building automation systems. By combining starter operation with controls, you extend equipment life and save energy. Installation is cost-effective thanks to integrated sensing and control points.

Features & Benefits

  • Motor Circuit Protection disconnect
  • UL Type 1 and 3R enclosures
  • UL Type 4 and 4X (contact factory)
  • Metering – Analog kW, Pulse kWh
  • Metering – BACnet
  • BACnet communications
  • Modbus RTU communications
  • Over/Under voltage
  • Over/Under power (belt loss protection)
  • Ground fault protection
  • Backspin/on delay timers
  • Ethernet Fault Logging
  • 120V Damper Control in lieu of 24V Standard
Smarter and more versatile than ever

BAS - Building Automation Starter


Smarter and more versatile than ever

  • 3Ø, 200~600V, 1/2-30HP
Equipped with advanced I/O including Fireman’s Override and damper control, the BAS was designed from the ground up for easy integration with automation systems. With a 200 to 600V input and 1-40A adjustable overload, the BAS is the right starter for almost any job.


  • Designed for ease of integration with automation systems
  • Comprehensive inputs/outputs for building automation systems
  • Reduces installation costs
  • High reliability SmartStart patented superior motor protection
  • Electronic overload protection including locked rotor, cycle fault and maximum time to start (due to mis-sized motor or overload)
  • FLA out of calibration indication–ensures installer sets overload correctly based on calculated motor size
  • Advanced control inputs eliminate interposing relays
  • Three dry inputs for auto-run, permissive auto and shutdown
  • Two voltage inputs (12-250VAC) for auto run and fireman’s override
  • Logging retains critical information
  • Logging information is obtainable for starter failure (Factory retrievable only)
  • Last 10 start conditions, including FLA setting, max inrush, run current, time to start, and safety start mode.
Advanced Protection, Incredible Value

SAS - Standard Automation Starter

  • 3Ø, 200~600V, 1/2-30HP
  • 1Ø, 230V, 1/10-7.5HP
Like the BAS, the SAS accepts 200 to 600VAC incoming power, making it a plug and play device. The 1-40A electronic overload ensures you will have the right starter for the job, and Smartstart revolutionary technology protects motors from potentially harmful start-up conditions. The SAS is automation compatible.


  • Automation compatible
  • Higher reliability
  • Comprehensive inputs/outputs for energy management systems
  • Reduces installation costs
  • Increased energy savings
  • Smartstart patented superior motor protection
  • Electronic overload protection including locked rotor, cycle fault and maximum time to start (due to mis-sized motor or overload)
  • FLA out of calibration indication – ensures installer sets overload correctly based on calculated motor size
  • Wide range overload, universal application
One Phase. One Solution.

BAS-1P - 1Ø Building Automation Starter

  • 1Ø, 110V, 1/10 – 1HP
  • 1Ø, 240V, 1/10 – 1HP
The BAS-1P protects single phase motors with an adjustable 1-16A class 10 electronic overload. It includes features like run status verification, a concealed Hand/Auto switch, lockable on/off switch, and system override mode (smoke purge). All of this in a compact design that installs on a single junction box.


  • On/Off Disconnect Switch with Recessed Hand/Auto Modes
  • Concealed Hand/Auto switch discourages tampering
  • Lockable motor-rated On/Off switch meets safety regulations
  • Meets NEC motor service disconnect requirements when properly installed
  • LED indicator lights for power, run and fault
  • Run Status Verification
  • Wire directly from the automation system to the starter, no interposing relays necessary
  • Save on installation costs and increase reliability.
  • System Override Mode (Fireman’s, Occupancy or Manual)
  • Wide Range Class 10 Electronic Overload
  • Prevents ordering confusion and eliminates call backs due to mis-sized heaters
  • Standard Single Gang Box Installation
  • Easy to install in any location
  • Surface or flush mount capability
  • High Reliability
  • Heavy duty motor-rated switch and control relay
  • No thermal elements to fail
  • All units include a 5-Year warranty
  • UL 508 Listed
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