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Grow your IT component of your organization as you need it, any time you need it.

Our micro-modular data centers are secure, mobile, cost effective, low maintenance, reliable and efficient. It is too expensive to build a server room in your facility. Let us ship one to you quickly with all the amenities of a traditional server room which would take up a fraction of your precious and expensive office space. Our Micro-Modular data centers provide the most optimum environment for your IT & telecom equipment.

Deploy your mini or micro data centers rapidly and inexpensively when time is right for your application.

Never worry about leaving your server rooms behind when your leas is over, just take it with you.

Micro Datacenter

An emerging trend in data center design is modular Micro Data Centers, which provide cost effective, energy efficient data center service with a rapid deployment time frame. Canovate Micro DC solution is the right and cost effective answer for this increasing demand.


  • Accelerated Deployment
  • Lower CAPEX
  • Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Customizable
  • Significant Energy Savings
  • Modular
  • Portable
  • High Security
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Limited Operation Risk
  • Standardization
  • No need for skilled IT personnel
  • Affordable by Small Businesses

Mini Datacenter

The Mini Data Centers, which provide cost effective, energy efficient data center service as ‘ALL IN ONE’ Compact Data Center.


  • Install where you want and need it
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Upto 50% less space required
  • No raised floor required
  • Full turnkey Data Center including cooling, structure cabling, monitoring
  • Power management and protection
  • Scalable from 1 rack to hundreds of racks
  • Standalone Data Center
  • Individual rack cooling up to 30kW
  • High level security
  • Internal and External redundancy
  • Advanced power management with IP PDU and UPS systems
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