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Xtreme Power Critical Power Solutions

Xtreme Power designs, engineers, and services UPS, rack power distribution units, and portable cooling products for a global network of OEMs and distributors. Our distribution centers across the U.S. and Europe ensure fast and accurate delivery of all products. Designed for high density critical loads, the P90L 6kVA & 10kVA delivers industry leading reliability, efficiency and flexibility.

UPS Systems from 350VA to 60kVA

GE Critical Power UPS Systems provide continuous power supply and conditioning for a variety of applications including data centers, hospitals, financial institutions, telecommunications networks, wind energy, transportation, industrial and others.  And whether its 1VA or 1MW that needs protecting, GE’s Critical Power UPS products provide best in class reliability and efficiency for safe uninterrupted power. GE Critical Power UPS systems offer revolutionary eBoost technology to provide best in class efficiency of up to 99%.  This high efficiency enables data center managers to dramatically reduce operational expenses with significantly lower costs for cooling and utilities.





M90S-6S Modular Online UPS

Product Snapshot

  • Four capacities: 6kVA/6kW, 12kVA/12kW, 18kVA/18kW, 24kVA/24kW
  • Modular for capacity or redundancy
  • Unity output power factor (kVA =kW)
  • Hot swappable power and battery modules
  • Up to 98% ECO mode or 93% online efficiency
  • 3 years electronics, 3 years battery warranty (USA and Canada)

Features & Benefits

Xtreme Power M90S UPS is a scalable, modular, flexible solution that combines continuous power availability and the highest efficiency for mission critical applications.

M90S provides unity power factor output (kVA = kW) providing maximum usable power and avoids any need to oversize the UPS. Maintenance bypass and output distribution within the UPS frame eliminate the need for external component connections, reducing installation costs.

Capacity, redundancy, battery runtime, and output receptacles can all be customized to meet your specific needs. Hot swappable power and battery modules provide rapid maintenance and repair.


E90 Online Tower UPS

Product Snapshot

  • Three Phase UPS
  • Available models: 10kVA, 15kVA, 20kVA
  • Unity power factor
  • Parallel operation
  • Extended battery runtimes with optional matching battery modules
  • UL1778, cUL, FCC Class A, Energy Star
  • 2 years electronics, 2 years battery warranty (USA and Canada)

Features & Benefits

E90 UPS provides economical three phase double conversion power for small data centers, network closets, retail stores, servers and industrial applications.

E90 features unity output power factor to support up to 25% more critical loads than similar competitive UPS. Up to 50% smaller than competitive units, the E90 provides an all-in-one, energy efficient solution.

Extended battery runtimes are available from the E90 by adding up to four matching battery packs. E90 battery charger can be programmed to provide up to 20 amps of recharge current to ensure batteries are recharged quickly and prepared for the next utility outage.

M90 Modular Online UPS

Product Snapshot

  • Three Phase UPS
  • Six capacities: 15kVA/13.5kW, 20kVA/18kW, 30kVA/27kW, 40kVA/36kW, 45kVA/40.5kW, 60kVA/54kW
  • Modular for capacity or redundancy
  • Hot swappable power modules
  • Up to 98% ECO mode or 94% online efficiency
  • Remote control and monitoring options
  • 2 year electronics, 2 year battery warranty (USA and Canada)

The M90 is ENERGY STAR certified.

Features & Benefits

The M90 is a scalable modular online UPS that protects critical data and equipment from power problems while supplying clean and reliable network grade power.

The M90 can be configured with a fully redundant power module and battery modules. Should one module fail, the remaining modules smoothly take over the load. Because the power modules are independent, they can be hot swapped without risk to the critical load.
As power requirements change, M90 modularity makes it easy to add modules and increase capacity.

TX90 6kVA & 10kVA Isolated Online UPS

Product Snapshot

  • Single Phase UPS
  • Available models: 6kVA/5.4kW, 10kVA/9kW
  • Optional battery runtimes up to 8 hours
  • Up to four TX90 units can be paralleled for additional capacity or redundant operation
  • Optional 580W internal batteries (XR models) and external battery cabinets and chargers can be added for extended runtime applications
  • UL1778, cUL, FCC Class A, RoHS
  • 3 years electronics, 3 years battery warranty (USA and Canada)

Features & Benefits

Isolated online UPS provides the cleanest power in the most demanding conditions. The TX90 galvanic isolation transformer prevents common mode noise which is left exposed by typical transformerless online designs. Isolated online applications include retail, industrial environments, laboratories, and any installation with grounding or noise issues. TX90 provides dual output voltages and programmable output frequency to meet a wide range of requirements.


  • Peace of mind – Our UPS electronics and batteries are covered for three years standard on most models with an upgrade up to five years on select products
  • Quick shipping and better customer service – Same day shipping, along with a support team that will provide comprehensive and immediate technical support
  • UPS configurator – Let us configure your UPS applications. With a simple few clicks, a quote can be provided for all your critical power solutions
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