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Applied Power Group

APG offers creative and sensible solutions to power problems, with the goal of ensuring maximum uptime for our valued customers. Rely on Applied Power Group to deliver superior support through all stages of the life of your equipment — from planning to purchasing to servicing.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Accurate Testing Processes.
  • 35+ Years Of Experience.
  • Strong Building Materials.
  • Eco-Friendly Build Materials.
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Powering Your Future: Tailored Energy Solutions by Applied Power Group

Applied Power Group is your reliable partner. We provide energy management solutions for your industry and commercial spaces. Let’s optimize your electric energy usage and guarantee continuous power supply. Trust Applied Power Group to efficiently and reliably power your future.

Electric Energy Management Solution for Your Industry Space

This system tracks and manages your energy use. It gives you data to see where you can save energy. This helps reduce your energy costs. The system lets you manage your energy use. You can set limits and schedules to use energy more efficiently. This solution works for any industry. It can benefit factories, offices, and other businesses. It gives you the tools to manage your electric energy needs better.

Applied Power Group specializes in electric energy management solutions. We create customized solutions for your industry. Our expertise and technologies help optimize energy use. This increases efficiency and reduces costs. We work with companies in manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, and other industries. We’re here to support your energy needs.

Our solutions include advanced monitoring systems, smart grid connections, and customized energy plans. These help meet your unique needs. We’re loyal to improving your energy efficiency and sustainability. We do this through energy audits, implementation, and ongoing support.

Work with Applied Power Group to fully use your industry’s potential. This helps reduce your environmental impact and save money.

UPS and Battery Power Management Solution for Your Building & Commercial Space

UPS, or Uninterruptible Power Supply, is a crucial system for your building or commercial space. This ensures your business operations continue without disruption. Battery power management is key for your UPS.  The management system monitors the battery status. It charges the batteries and alerts you if any issues arise.

Having a reliable UPS with effective battery management is vital. It protects your equipment and data from power failures. Investing in a quality UPS and battery system is smart for any commercial property.

Applied Power Group is your partner for UPS and Battery Power Management Solutions. We know how important it is to have uninterrupted power for your business. Our customized solutions can help your work stay smooth.

We are experts in UPS systems, battery management, and backup power. We ensure your building or business has reliable performance and peace of mind. Our approach includes assessing, designing, installing, and maintaining your system. This ensures smooth operation and maximum uptime.

Applied Power Group can help you with backup power. We have the experience and technology to meet your needs. Our UPS and Battery Power Management Solutions can protect your business and investments. We can provide backup power for data centers, healthcare facilities, retail stores, or office buildings. You can trust us to safeguard your business continuity.

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Read Our Daily Blog

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