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Static Transfer Switch (STS)

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Cyberex SuperSwitch 4

Cyberex SuperSwitch 4

Forty years ago, Cyberex revolutionized power distribution with its invention of the digital static transfer switch (STS).

Discover how Applied Power Groups keep electricity flowing smoothly all the time. Learn how we ensure you always have power when you need it, and find out the good things we can do for you.

What are Static Transfer Switches?

Static Transfer Switches, or STS, keep important systems powered up all the time. They quickly switch power sources without any breaks, so things keep running smoothly even if there’s a power problem. STS checks the power quality from different places and switches to the best one right away. They’re really important for places where losing power, even for a short time, could cause big problems.

STS makes sure power keeps flowing without interruption, which is crucial for keeping things working and preventing damage to sensitive equipment.

What are The 4 Types of Automatic Switches?

Automatic switches help power move between sources without interruption. There are four types:

  1. Open Transition: It briefly stops power from one source before connecting to another. Good for less important things.
  2. Closed Transition: It switches between sources smoothly, which is great for delicate equipment.
  3. Soft Load Transfer: It changes power sources smoothly to avoid disruptions, which is good for things sensitive to changes in power.
  4. In-phase Transfer: It matches the power phases between sources before switching, ensuring steady power for important things.

Benefits of Static Transfer Switches

Static Transfer Switches, or STS, are helpful in important power systems. Here’s why:

  1. No Interruptions: STS quickly switches power without any breaks, so important equipment keeps running smoothly.
  2. Always Reliable: It always keeps an eye on power sources and switches to the best one automatically. This reduces downtime and keeps equipment safe.
  3. Easy Monitoring: You can watch over it from far away and control it remotely. This helps fix problems before they happen.
  4. Saves Energy: It uses power wisely, which means less waste and lower bills.
  5. Fits Everywhere: Whether it’s a small computer setup or a big factory, STS can handle it. It’s flexible and can adjust to different needs.

Static Transfer Switches are really good because they make systems stronger, keep them running smoothly, and save money.

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