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Cyberex SuperSwitch 4

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Cyberex SuperSwitch 4

Cyberex SuperSwitch 4

Forty years ago, Cyberex revolutionized power distribution with its invention of the digital static transfer switch (STS). Since then, ABB engineering has continued to improve the STS as the market for static transfer switches has grown and adopted the technology. Introducing, the SuperSwitch®4, which was designed with a ‘true’ fault-tolerant architecture, helping to ensure there is not a single point of failure through the use of our patented transfer algorithms and robust electrical components. With an increased MTBDE to an estimated 1.5 million hours, SuperSwitch®4 redefines power reliability with its exceptional design, serviceability, and user interface.

Features & Benefits

  • Expands SuperSwitch technology with enhanced platform and features
  • 10.4″ color TFT industrial use LED touchscreen GUI
  • 25% faster transfer times
  • 40% lower inrush limiting
  • Enhanced power quality detection
  • Field calibration support
  • USB port for software upgrades; data and event downloads
  • 16 user configurable alarm relays
  • 10 user inputs for communications control
  • Enhanced meters and trending
  • 10 cycle waveshape captures critical power events
  • Improved circuit redundancy
  • Data alarm and management
  • Remote access


Engineered to protect critical loads in both commercial and industrial environments, these switches can transfer power between any two sources of power, including any combination of utility, UPS and generators.

Data Center: Mission-critical facilities used to house computers, networks, data storage, telecommunications, and other vital systems that require constant power with no interruptions.

Hospitals: Health care institutions that require constant power with no interruptions to data and records management.

Manufacturing/Business Operations: When manufacturing and business operations failure is not acceptable due to vital functions being critical in nature requiring constant power with no interruptions.

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