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How Twin Source RMSTS Enables Efficient Energy Management in Smart Buildings

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Smart buildings are revolutionizing how we interact with our built environment, offering increased comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency. Central to the success of these intelligent structures is efficient energy management. Applied Power Group (APG), with over 30 years of experience in critical infrastructure solutions, understands the importance of reliable power and offers innovative solutions like Twin Source RMSTS (Redundant Modular Static Transfer Switch) to enable efficient energy management in smart buildings.

APG: Your Trusted Partner in Critical Infrastructure:

With a rich history spanning three decades, Applied Power Group (APG) has established itself as a leading provider of comprehensive critical infrastructure solutions, including rack power distribution units (PDUs). APG’s expertise encompasses power and data center critical infrastructure, delivering top-quality solutions efficiently. Their unwavering focus on solving power-related challenges, including rack PDUs, ensures maximum uptime for their valued customers.

From planning to purchasing to servicing, APG is committed to delivering superior support throughout the lifecycle of your equipment, including reliable and efficient rack power distribution units (PDUs).

Efficient Energy Management with Twin Source RMSTS:

Twin Source RMSTS is a cutting-edge solution offered by APG that plays a pivotal role in optimizing energy management in smart buildings. This advanced technology significantly benefits facility managers and building operators, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and enhancing overall energy efficiency.

Ensuring Power Continuity with Our Twin Source RMSTS!

Efficient energy management is crucial for smart buildings, and Applied Power Group’s Twin Source RMSTS offers a reliable and intelligent solution to address this need. With APG’s expertise and dedication to delivering superior support, building operators can leverage Twin Source RMSTS to ensure uninterrupted power supply, optimize energy consumption, and enhance the overall efficiency of their smart buildings.

Trust APG to provide innovative solutions that meet your critical infrastructure requirements and support your sustainable and intelligent energy management journey!”


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