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Maximum flexibility delivers maximum cost-efficiency

Over its lifetime, a typical IT enclosure will undergo a variety of modifications and upgrades—some planned, but many unforeseen. In both design and accessories, Rittal builds flexibility into each enclosure to manage modifications efficiently. This helps ensure the enclosure does not have to be taken out of service or replaced to accommodate new hardware, cooling or power solutions.

Modular enclosures grow with your infrastucture needs

TS IT has room for everything. New Ethernet technologies such as 10 GB or 40 GB (with their higher demands on wiring) are easily supported. Cabling can be routed via the roof, from the side or from the base.


  • Manage increasing enclosure density
  • Stand-alone system helps keep your operation running during outages
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Conforms to global certification standards
  • Climate control to grow with your application
  • Wide range of power distribution systems to meet current and future needs
  • Stable power supply, protected from intermittent power disruptions
  • Security to prevent unauthorized entry and access
  • Environmental monitoring to ensure uptime against the elements
  • Reduced complexity saves time from the planning stage onward
  • Snap-in technology allows for fast, tool-free assembly of both rack and accessory components
  • Quick fastenings, integrated locks and additional internal latching speed the installation of side panels

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    What is 6 + 6 ?

    Closed-loop and in-row cooling solutions


    LCP DX Rack

    In IT data rooms confined in small spaces where chilled water is not available, such as in edge computing, heat buildup is rapid. The LCP DX Rack provides efficient cooling matched to the server rack load in a closed-loop enclosure. With high-performance EC fan technology, refrigerant cooled air is targeted directly within the racks. Servers are cooled independently from the ambient air, with systems designed to adapt easily from a single enclosure to a modular series.


    LCP Inline DX

    The LCP Inline DX is designed for a bayed enclosure suite where chilled water is not available. Hot air from the room or hot aisle at the rear of the device enclosure is efficiently chilled by the high-capacity variable speed compressor fans, and the refrigerated air is directed back into the room or cold aisle after cooling.


    LCP Rack CW

    The closed-loop LCP Rack CW units give you total control over the air path. Using a compact 12-inch-wide footprint, this next-generation system may even double your cooling capacity without occupying additional floor space. The high-efficiency fans are located at the front of the LCP – on the cool side away from the highest level of heat – to extend fan life.


    LCP Inline CW

    In a bayed enclosure suite, LCP Inline CW creates a cold curtain down a row, maximizing efficient cooling. Choose from two configuration options: flush, in which moving air flows into the cold aisle, and protruding, where cold air flows from both sides laterally across the face of nearby enclosures. A higher water inlet temperature increases the proportion of free cooling, reducing operating costs.


    World’s first – The principle

    Low Density Edge Reference Design


    Wall-mounted air conditioner Blue e+

    A revolution in energy efficiency through innovative hybrid technology

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