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Emergency Lighting Inverter

General Electric is synonymous with quality for consumer, industrial, and enterprise electrical applications. GE’s Critical Power Division offers mission-critical facilities

FirstLine PLT/FC

Frequency Converter

Xtreme Power designs, engineers, and services UPS, rack power distribution units, and portable cooling products for a global network of OEMs and distributors.


Power Conditioner

Digital Signal Power Manufacturing (DSPM) personnel have been involved in the Power Quality Business since 1974. DSPM specializes in the custom, or unique products area and has evolved from standardized products to providing Engineered Solutions for our customers.


Power Factor Correction and Harmonics Mitigation

C&c power – front access battery cabinets, maintenance bypass breaker cabinets, standard battery cabinets, rack mount battery cabinets, spares battery cabinets, battery cabinet accessories,

staco 924

Battery Monitoring

We offer a wide array of Rittal Edge Management and Security Solutions including Rittal Edge Cooling Solutions.

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Power Shield Battery Monitoring System

Packet Power’s range of wireless environmental monitors combines industry-leading flexibility with exceptionally low costs. Track temperature, relative humidity and differential pressure where needed. And installation is fast and easy.

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