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StacoSine Plus

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StacoSine Plus

StacoSine Plus

480VAC 100-1200A
Three phase Active Harmonic Filtering to meet IEEE 519 Standard. Active harmonic filter up to the 51st harmonic from 100-150amps with variable power factor and harmonic control output. Capable of paralleling up to 1200 amps.

The StacoSine® Plus active harmonic filter is available in 100 and 150 amp assemblies. Modules can be paralleled for a maximum capacity of 1200 amps of harmonic mitigation. When multiple units are paralleled only one controller in one of the modules is needed to assure proper harmonic mitigation. This controller has a touch screen that allows for easy onsite programming. Besides correcting up to the 51st harmonic, the unit can compensate for both lagging and leading reactive power, and can be programmed from 0.7 lagging to 0.7 leading power factor.



  • Reduces operation and maintenance costs
  • Variable power factor and harmonic current control gives the user more flexibility to control his power system by allowing power factor improvement without adding a capacitor bank
  • Filters up to the 51st harmonic so all unwanted harmonic levels are reduced to allow for compliance with the IEEE 519 Standard
  • 480 volt, 100 to 150 amp assemblies are available with paralleling capability up to 1200 amps to correct at larger facilities
  • 7” LCD touch screen allows for easier operator interface
  • One touch screen can control up to 8 modules (up to 1200 amps) in parallel allowing for more precise and predictable harmonic mitigation
  • Units are UL and cUL Listed
  • Roll back feature assures that the unit will continue to operate and not overheat in a high ambient temperature environment
  • CTs can be installed on either the source or load side of the active harmonic filter allowing for a more flexible installation


Why StacoSine is a Better Choice

With other harmonic filtering solutions, expensive and time consuming site data collection, power quality surveys and computer generated studies are usually needed.  Most harmonic filters are designed to accommodate just one or a few harmonic orders.  The StacoSine corrects a full range of harmonic orders, and will not create a resonance condition with existing equipment.

Staco Energy Products has taken traditional “passive” harmonic filtering equipment to a new level with StacoSine, an active based harmonic filter technology.

StacoSine injects compensating current into the load to restore the sine wave and dramatically reduce distortion to less than 5% THD.  Its high speed process cancels high frequency output current, while it determines the precise value of injected load current.

StacoSine’s power electronics platform has been designed to operate at levels that continuously adapt to rapid load fluctuations.  With its efficient operation and small size, it is ideal for a wide variety of industrial and commercial environments, such as:

  • Fluorescent Lamps
  • Computers and Peripherals
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
  • Welding Machines
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Frequency Converters
  • DC Power Systems/Chargers

Typical Applications for Active Harmonic Filters:

  • Water and waste water treatment facilities
  • Textile and paper mills
  • Steel mills and facilities with induction furnaces
  • Pharmaceutical facilities
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Data Centers, servers, printers, and other IT equipment
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Solar and wind farms
  • Material handling facilities

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